Our Services
Your Travelling Trainer provides a wide range of services to meet all your mobile fitness needs. As a customer provider, we work with you to develop something unique. Browse below to see some of our most popular training options.

Remeber all services come with a free assesment, so if you like something but you're not sure, contact us and we can make it work for you.

Delivery Methods
We've got options when it comes to how, and who, you train with. You can join us for one-on-one private training, as an indvidual in a workshop or class, or sign up with your whole family or corporate office (A.K.A. work family). Choose one of our three basic delivery methods, then check out our list of individual and package services to start building the mobile fitness program that suits you. 

Residential Training – One on one personal training at home or the gym, for individuals, couples or groups. Includes props, equipment and optional supplements. 

Corporate Training – One on one personal training at work for individuals, couples, or groups. Includes props, equipment and optional supplements.

Family Training – Personal Trainers are not just for adults! 
Get the family involved at home or the gym, with one on one
training and group activities for parents and children. These
fun exercises are designed to get kids enjoying physical
activity and get parents involved in the teaching and role
model process. Includes props, equipment and optional

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Packages and Services
With multiple trainers who specialize in different types of exercise, we are able to offer a broad range of heath, fitness, and athletic activity options. Ranging from injury recovery to competitive bodybuilding, we can provide the tools, training, and support for you to achieve any, and every, one of your fitness goals.

A highlight of our "everyday" fitness programs that help to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Offered throughout the year, with indoor/outdoor, and seasonal activities to keep you engaged. 

Running Clinics – Regularly hosted workshops to improve 
endurance, speed, and safety. Learn on your own or with a
group and achieve greater results in less time. Great for
those training to run in a Charity Race or other event.

Aquatics – Are you an adult who never learned how to
swim, or want to increase your strength and endurance?
Are you looking for a low impact exercise to keep you fit without risk, or recovering from an injury? Add aquatics to your Residential Training and gain comfort and confidence in and out of the water. Swimming lessons for all ages and individual training for strength, endurance, and recovery available.

Yoga – Want to bring balance back to your days and have a guide to lead you and your body through a meditative journey? Add Yoga to your Residential or Corporate training. Strengthen, stretch, and rejuvenate your body through low impact postures and breathing while our instructors guide and direct you to in the philosophies of Yoga to reach a calm, meditative state. 

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With several years experience training INBF winners, and our own participation in marathon and endurance challenges, we've got you covered when it comes to the big events. 

Competition Training – Comprehensive package of one on 
one personal training at home or the gym for individuals
looking to compete in physique and fitness competitions.
Includes props and equipment and optional supplements.

Endurance Prep – Comprehensive package of one on one 
personal training at home or the gym for individuals looking
to compete in triatholon, marathon, Tough Mudder, and other athletic endurance competitions.

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Huge pressure is put on both boys and girls to look and act a certain way that is not always healthy, body or mind. Our youth classes are a place to teach self-confidence, strength, empowerment, and healthy habits. 

Teen Fitness – Regular fitness classes to teach teens the basics
 of exercise do's and don'ts, real body image, and proper diet and 
nutrition. Includes classes in Yoga, Strength Training, Wrestling, 
Boxing, and more.

Open to both boys and girls of all fitness levels. 

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Retreats and Recovery
We're all about mobility and taking our clients to new places...literally!
If you have chronic pain or injury we get away from the gym to focus on your specific needs. For other clients the gym is the last place they want to be, so fitness in the mountains, on the beaches, and in the heart of another city is where we take them. 

Recovery Training – Are you suffering from a current or old injury? Our team of trainers can help you recover and rebuild your strength, fitness, and endurance at a level and pace that is right for your body.

Fitness Retreats – Weekend and extended destination packages featuring once in a lifetime unique fitness opportunities. Includes one on one personal training and array of fitness and spa experiences. 

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Lifestyle Services
To keep you on track for success in every way. 
Success Coaching – Have a trainer or fitness program already? Looking for some extra support to achieve your goals? Success Coaching is a lifestyle service that provides dedicated one on one support and services to achieve personal, fitness and career goals that you just haven't been able to reach alone.

Nutrition Guidance and Meal Planning – Add nutrition and meal planning to your fitness training to achieve whole body health. We create custom meal plans with individual specific daily calorie intakes, and include grocery lists, recipes, and daily menus. We will even come to your house and organize your pantry and fridge, setting you up for success while maintaining a balanced diet and your sanity with satisfying meals created by our nutritionist and professional cook.

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