The Team
At Your Travelling Trainer we've got a team of real people, who specialize in a range of athletic and fitness practices, all dedicated to achieving your success. Learn more about us here.
Marlenie Arana – Founder, Personal Trainer; specializes in Success Coaching and Competition Training

Marlenie is a certified personal trainer and Canadian Fitness Professional. She is the owner and founder of Your Travelling Trainer. She was inspired to offer mobile training services while trying to find balance in her own life between family, career and fitness. She believes in a comprehensive, goal based approach to fitness that includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. Specializing in Competition Training, Marlenie loves to see her clients push themselves while staying healthy and safe.

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Rebecca Jansen – Yoga Instructor; specializes in Hatha, Pre and Post Natal

While attending her first yoga class, Rebecca discovered the undeniable power yoga held and was peaked with curiosity. Becoming a faithful student for the next 9 years, Rebecca’s journey through yoga blossomed and became a pillar that she leaned on to find grace and wisdom to live her life. Craving more, in 2012 Rebecca decided to embark on Yoga Teacher Training. After completing her Hatha training, Rebecca enrolled in Pre and Post Natal Yoga training. Having gained respect and knowledge for the philosophies developed over centuries, Rebecca has a passion that she loves to share with her students. Yoga is not only a practice of the body, but of the mind and spirit. Rebecca continues her studentship at the Mt. Royal Yoga Therapy Program

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​​Erin Nisbet - Aquatic Instructor; specializes in Water Safety, Technique and Fitness

Erin is a certified Water Safety Instructor, and an AFLCA certified Aquatic fitness instructor. She is currently working on adding a strength training certificate to her credentials.  
Erin’s goal is to inspire others to get fit through her love of aquatics. She believes that technique is of the upmost importance and strives to empower others to do their best and get the most out of their fitness routines.  
Erin is always eager to help others enhance their cardiovascular endurance and get an overall body workout through aquatics.

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Kim Mortenson - Fitness Instructor; specializes in Portable Equipment

Kim's love for fitness started at a young age beginning with competitive gymnastic's and then moving into running and weight lifting. After participating in many motivating bootcamps Kim realized fitness was her true passion. Kim is AFLCA certified and hold's a certificate in group exercise; specializing with portable Equipment. She brings her passion for teaching and exercising to every class and believes that participants at every level should feel welcomed in all fitness classes.

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Christie Pearson – Nutritionist, Professional Organizer; specializes in Meal Planning, Nutrition Programs, and Personal Organization

Christie is an organizer by nature and believes, at least for herself, if her environment is organized, her mind can be clear and organized. When it comes to food and meal preparation, organization plays an important role. If only we had the time and discipline to prepare our food in advance, it would make eating healthy and making healthier choices much easier and appealing. Christie offers customized services to meet individual clients needs and provides in home consultation.

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Melissa McCrackin - Fitness Instructor; specializes in Personal Training, Gymnastics, Wrestling

Melissa has always kept a close connection to physical activity. An active gymnast and outdoor enthusiast growing up, she has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary Physical education faculty. While at university Melissa competed for the Dino's gymnastics team. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Education degree. Melissa uses her teaching platform to encourage students to be keen and engaged both intellectually and physically. Melissa spent 15 years coaching competitive gymnastics in southern Alberta. She believes in concentrated, effective and ever changing activities which challenge her clients and loves to keep them on their toes. Safe,tough workouts based on real human movement patterns with techniques borrowed from gymnastics and wrestling training keep her workouts fun, exciting, and effective.

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Nick Mitchell - Fitness Instructor; specializes in Personal Training

​Fitness and exercise have been a part of my life for nearly ten years. I was never avidly involved in any sports growing up so I began to exercise as a hobby when I was around twelve years old in hopes of shedding some baby fat. As I grew up though, the process of exercising became something far more valuable. It taught me self discipline and humility, it gave me confidence, but most importantly it gave me an appreciation for the rewards that can come of working towards something. I look forward to helping people make a difference in their lives and continue learning more about what the fitness industry has to offer.

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Elizabeth Dowdell - Media and Administrative Assistant; specializes in bringing Your Travelling Trainer to the virtual page

Elizabeth has a wide range of skills and experience that she draws on to help create the look and feel of Your Travelling Trainer in print and media. With a background in non-profit operations management, she knows how to "wear several hats". She first met Marlenie while providing services as a private cook, an odd job to cover tuition costs during culinary school, and the relationship has grown from there. Currently studying at the University of Alberta, she is engaged by media relations and customer development. At Your Travelling Trainer she does a little bit of everything; from website copy and content, to Newsletters, Facebook, invoices, article research and more.

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Peter Clark - Strength Works; specializes in Powerlifting and Personal Fitness

​Peter began lifting weights after receiving his first set of dumbbells at the age of 10, and he has not looked back since. Being overweight as a youngster inspired Peter to learn about resistance training. It also helped him to overcome asthma and turn his life around. In 1999 after graduating from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Exercise Science, Peter began his career with the BC Parks and Recreation Association. As a personal trainer at Bonsor Rec Centre and Eileen Daly Rec Centre in Burnaby, Peter honed his skills working with clients ranging from young athletes to senior citizens looking to improve the quality of their lives. In 2003 he started his own training business, Execu-fit, based in downtown Vancouver at Denman Fitness Club and World Gym on Robson. By 2006, Execu-Fit grew into a team of 4 full-time Personal Trainers under Peter’s guidance, with over 120 clients being serviced between 2 gyms. He sold the business to move to Edmonton and began work as a freelance Personal Trainer working out of Custom Fit Studio in 2007.
Peter’s greatest strengths are his 19 years of experience as a trainer and business owner, and his ability to form strong relationships with his clients that last for years